Mother's Day!

Mom…MOm…MOM!!!! My mama told me there would be days like this, days like this..days like this!

There are some days we LOVE being a mom, and truthfully, there are some days we just survive the day being mom! It is a privilege to be called mom, and whether you are a biological mom, an adoptive mom, or a mentor mom.  As women, we all have times in our lives where we “mother” another.  That is the ultimate privilege and joy of being a woman and caring for one another!

Cheers to the Women our lives who make every day a day of celebration!

Speaking of celebration, let’s talk about some festive ideas for your home now that Spring has finally arrived.

What is more refreshing than a tall glass of sparkling water?  I am glad that you asked!  Authentic European Seltzer Bottles are now the favorite collectible for the home!  If you love the juxtaposition of vintage and new, we have the perfect bottles for you!

Seltzer 5.jpg


What is all the fizz about?  This iconic basic has an interesting, little known past.  Carbonated water was extremely popular in the 1700’s. In the early 19th century Central Europe began mass producing a variety of shapes, sizes and colors of Seltzer bottles. The “fizz” was rapidly exploding!    One could almost compare the luxury of the seltzer bottle to today’s Perrier or LaCroix.  The bottles were delivered to homes, hotels and bars in crates similar to the iconic milk man of yesteryear.

Today, Deer Creek Farm has acquired some vintage European bottles just in time for you to bring a spritz of fun into your home!  Some of the bottles are original color, some are popped with a vibrant high gloss paint to add a modern touch.  All bottles boast their rustic original top to continue telling the story of where these bottles have traveled!  Add a bit of history and fizz to your home today!

Enjoy, and Happy Mother’s Day!


Laurey Kiehne