Welcome Autumn

Goodbye Summer. Hello Autumn!

Although it may not be time to fully transition to my favorite hoodie and comfy boots, they are positioned and waiting for the perfect fall day to be utilized.

Until then, I have resigned to embrace the hints of fall, tiny as they may be. My senses are heightened as I notice a few leaves changing their colors to rich reds and bright yellows. My eye catches a lone leaf caught in the swirl of the morning breeze. I will celebrate the little things in life. 

I walk the garden in search of the “imperfect, perfect” pumpkin. Will it be dark orange or will it be creamy white? Flat and squatty or tall and slender? I do know every pumpkin has flaws, and that is the joy of the imperfect pumpkin. There is no mold. There are no two alike. They each have their own personality. It is unique, it stands out; it catches my eye. It is the imperfect, perfect pumpkin. The pumpkin will be the centerpiece for gatherings and quiet evenings. 

Today is the first day of Fall. I will bring those warm autumn colors into my home and enjoy the bounty of the season. Pumpkins, gourds and the glistening glow of candles all bring a warm welcome home after a long day away. These are a few of my favorite fall celebrations.

Join me here and at Deer Creek Farm as we begin our Autumn Season celebrating the little things in life… the imperfect, perfect pumpkin,

the yellow and red leaf swirling in the breeze,

and of course…the favorite hoodie!

Loving fall,

Conni, Deer Creek Farm Store Manager