Fall is in the air!

1000 pumpkins were delivered to Deer Creek Farm this month and we been officially open for business.  A pumpkin patch; a first for Compassion Planet/Deer Creek Farm!

To be perfectly honest, at one point I had to ask myself, "What in the world are we doing?  We can not compete with those massive ranches with concession stands, mechanical rides, trains and all the newest brightest gadgets which technology has to offer."  

Then clarity came. We are just us. We don't have to compete.  We are community.  We have a purpose and cause which is worth every effort; young people who need us, the community, to help them.

We are simple.  We have pumpkins.  We make our own hot apple cider and have drinks in a cooler with ice.  We have corn and tonka trucks for the little ones to play with.  We have a couple of games under the large oak tree.  Games which gather people together. We have wonderful volunteers who donate their time to work the pumpkin patch and some bring their children to make it a family event.  We have homemade scarecrows from locals who entered our contest and we made a tic tac toe game out of wood and duct tape!

The pumpkin patch is a place to relax and enjoy.  You can take a deep breath and enjoy a game of corn holes . There is plenty of space to roam and  take in the trivia that the corn stalks were grown and given to us, for this space, because of the young people it benefits.  The lines are short, usually one or two folks ahead of you.  And you can get the best homemade white chocolate popcorn you have ever tasted, right inside the store!

If you look around, you might spot some of our favorite customers.  They are about 3' tall, a bit wobbly when they walk and their eyes wide with excitement.  When they see the pumpkin which is theirs, you will know it!  "That one, that one" a tiny  voice will exclaim , with outstretched arms pointing to the third pumpkin from the left.  Short pudgy fingers grasp the orange itty bitty  pumpkin and hold it close to them as they make the rickety ride in our second generation wagons .  Life is good.

We are a small pumpkin patch with a huge heart and a grand purpose behind every pumpkin sold....a young adult who needs our help.  We have community who embraces us and participates. Many, many hands have come to help. That is what I love.

As we watched the day unfold, one of our trainees said she had never been to a pumpkin patch.  My mind replayed the many pumpkin farms I have been to over the years.

I responded, "This the best pumpkin patch you will visit.  It has everything you need...Pumpkins with a purpose.  Community. People helping because they want to. Hot apple cider."  I know this is the place and experience I want etched in her mind as the years fast forward.

At the end of the day, when evening is settling down on the pumpkin patch and all is quiet, I close the big red gate and water the mums in our pots by the haystack.  

I pause and and am amazed we did a pumpkin patch... just for her.  I mean, for everyone.

Serving the cause,